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Friday, June 30, 2006

Economist's Aesthetics

Pasi Kolhonen, an architect and researcher at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, has some interesting thoughts on what he calls "Economist's Aesthetics" and how advertising has become and integral part of the urban landscape.

Mr. Kohlhonen notes that despite how an advertisement's main purpose is to be noticed, it has in fact become a part of the everyday city experience. There's so much of it, that it becomes invisible and actually becomes a part of the actual city architecture:

The cityscape -- our picture of the city -- is fast becoming a city of pictures. An ever-increasing share of our field of vision has been sold for advertising. The city has been efficiently draped in posters and advertisements. and city dwellers do not usually seem to mind them.

Maybe those See-Free Visual Spam Blocking Sunglasses are due for a comeback.

via We Make Money Not Art


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