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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The phone to be the last device standing?

Seems that in gadgets, there can be only one, and that will be the phone. The BBC reports on a study done by Nokia indicating that standalone digital cameras and MP3 players are likely to be replaced by phones with expanded functionality.

As reported here, the phone has already replaced the wristwatch and now:

The study found that 44% of people already use their handset as their main camera.

The days of the MP3 player also look to be numbered, as 67% of those questioned said they expected their phone to replace their portable music player.

I wonder if Apple or Canon sponsored research would have come to the same conclusions?

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Glyn Britton said...

But what happens when the phone functionality in the Phone becomes compromised by all the other applications? My Nokia N70 is a pretty good camera and 3G modem, but drops calls and often doesn't ring when someone calls. I'm feeling a bit trapped. What next, a fridge that crashes and needs rebooting?