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Friday, June 16, 2006

Inbox of Immaturity

First, this has nothing to do with immaturity, but wanted to follow up on Aki's post about Cristal's CEO's "I'm sure Dom P and Krug would be delighted to have their [the hip hop community's] business." In case you haven't seen it, another CEO (of the R-O-C, hov!) has called for a boycott of the bubbly, starting with his 40/40 club:

Now back to the immaturity...
If that racism’s giving you a headache:
Japanese poop hat:
A guy who wishes he was wearing that cushiony hat:
Shatner singing Rocket Man:
More disturbing than that:
Screech needs your help:

BONUS FROM AKI SYSTEMS – for G4TV, voice is none other than Charlie Murphy:
Star Trek 2.0 Cribs
Star Trek 2.0 Coffee House
Star Trek 2.0 Poolside
Star Trek 2.0 Karaoke

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