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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Guardian launching in the US

According to the Guardian:

The Guardian plans to expand its print and online presence in America as part of its ambition to become the biggest liberal voice in world media.

This will be an interesting launch to follow. Apparently Guardian Unlimited has a big following here. I wonder what kind of audience they'll ultimately build? I'm sure it will be the usual higher income, highly educated, metropolitan crowd but will they get beyond that? And what will advertisers do with a paper that's unashamedly leftist?

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Mnels said...

Though I am not a particular fan of "leftist" thought, I think there are signs that The Guardian is one of the few traditional print properties that "get it" in terms of developing a model that is media neutral. I predict they will thrive, and that's a good thing. Unlike old media paragons like the NY Times, Guardian seems to understand that their role is not to be a top-down gatekeeper, but to fuel a community of conversation. I really like what they are doing. Check out Jeff Jarvis at He has commented extensively on The Guardian (he also works for them).