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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Technology - it's all how you use it

An interesting account of how technology is changing work patterns. And how using a blackberry can free up time rather than be enslaving. In the study, an even 40 percent of the respondents claimed that the BlackBerry increases their available family time; 48 percent said it left them with about the same amount of time, and only 12 percent said that it decreased their family time.

Like most things, it's all how you use technology - whether one remains the master or servant is up to you.


Dino said...

Sounds suspicious to me.
All of these CrackBerry addicts will say anything to keep themselves hooked on that thing!

Planning Guy said...

Well, it's not unlike the early days of cell phones. Remember when the coolness of having one quickly gave way to being too available, too much of the time? Well people learned to impose their own boundaries, to receive a call but - heavens forbid! - not answer it.
The same is true of blackberries. If people are enslaved, and cannot put them down it is a choice they are making.

Funny how people don't feel the same way about wireless laptops. This technology has had an amazingly liberation on works styles allowing great flexibility and the ability to do work in much more comfortable and fun environments.....but you rarely hear people complain "Its intruding on my personal life...I just can;t seem to get away from the office when it's always with me."