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Monday, June 26, 2006

Inbox of Immaturity

First, thanks to a wanting-to-remain-ALnonYmouSON tipster we now have a possible explanation, or clue into the origin, of last inbox's image: Poor Kitten

This week's IOI (cool acronym it took 2 months to create/steal from an old BMW ad we did) theme is, believe it or not, not football/World Cup/soccer. It is: Dancing!

1. Though the 2 are not mutually exclusive as proven here: Crouch v. Dempsey

2. Not quite the NumaNuma guy, but less annoying than Andy Milonakis: Nice dog

3a. Last week it was Screech, this week’s it’s a flashback to Slater: Pick the better dancer

3b. If you thought A.C.’s dance was fresh, get out this pimpin’: Let your Soul Glo

4. Combine the last 2 and you get dancin’ all over the world: Not quite the running man

5. Not exactly dancing, but smooth moves: Take a bow

AKI SITE: Classic Site Name

BONUS: Update in the viral life of Bubb Rubb from Sarah: New Toy

And the original here: WOOWOO
Make sure to get out the remix as well (same page).

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Marie Silva said...

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