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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Trend: Consumer Experience Sells

What drives top-line growth and above-average profits? Peer Insight, the service innovation consultancy, has devised a chart and table (below) that correlate and index a portfolio of companies that provide great consumer experiences (cX) with sales and stock-market performance. The evidence speaks for itself: the likes of Starbucks and Whole Foods Markets, which focus on their consumers' needs and wants, fuel their innovation and profits by keeping the customer in mind.

via BusinessWeek's IN Special

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Lachlan said...

The interesting thing for me here is not just 'experience' but where that experience is... (more on this in a later post). There are an increasing number of magazines that for me do the equivalent of the "i-pod packaging" experience. Amazing form that I love but bearly scratch the surface of reading. Then there is my new, and all time most worthwhile purchase... a top end racing bike that cost more than my car, but came via fed-ex in a carboard box with foam and plastic cable ties holding it in place. The delivery was utilitarian, but the ownership experience is electrifying, and addictive. Mmmmmmm