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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Trend: Transhumans

I was reading about Nike's new maxsight contact lenses this morning. They filter out blue "noise" to increase clarity of vision. Plus they make you look like Hellboy with their red tint.

Anyway, it reminded me of some research I was doing into Transhumanism last year. It aligns closely with Kurzweil's thinking that we'll start by augmenting ourselves with technology and eventually download ourselves completely into machines and dispense with our physical bodies all together.

Some people shudder in horror at the thought, but I was talking with Wiggins a few days ago and, predictably, he said he'd buy all and any mods available.

Are you willing to hack yourself?


Mnels said...

I thought the article about the company developing an MP3 player for a breast implant highlighted the practical aspect of this trend. May as well be useful for something. If I, say had SPSS installed in my groin, I would becomen a fricken Jedi statistician! Cool.

AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

technically, the rise in plastic surgery is paving the way for mass acceptance of transhumanism. cosmetics is first, now comes the functional enhancements, like MP3 Player Breasts!

Jen said...

Ya know... I'm just plain not on board with all this 'make him better, faster, stronger' stuff. The day we start downloading our personalities onto our ipods is the day that I have to move underground and lead the resistance against the machines. I'm all for technology, but 'all things in moderation' comes to mind.