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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Advertising: Parody

Looks like our Bravia spot has already been parodied. It's pretty funny, not sure how the lawyers will react when they see it though. hope they have a sense of humor.



Lachlan said...

Funny - was just about to post the same video from googlevideo.

It's a sort of twisted co-creativity (companies riping from eac other, rather than consumers doing it) but personally I love it... it's the kind of thing all to often we wee lawyers trying to stop happening, when really it's exactly what you want to happen.

Best yet was of course the Lilt spoof of the "Freedom to move" Leivs ad from 2/3 years back. That one of being fully produced with the help of BHH London to get the details right.

Tim said...

This is great. Advertising and gaming in one spot. The perfect match.
Since this is a trailer for Mine 2 you guys might want to watch Mine which is a spoof of the Disney Movie Nemo.

AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

this is fresh. i could watch this all day, too.

Alex said...

Have you guys already seen this?:)

Adrian said...

hmmm, they just keep coming. Interesting product, but that video drags a bit.

magnus said...

According to the guys in Fallon London, Sony actually sent them the link and found it hilarious. Seems like at least one company isn't too lawyered up.

Tim said...

The official long version of the Mine 2 Video is now ready for download. You´ll find the Bravia Spoof in it as well as a "MecGyver" parodie. And if that doesn´t convince you to download the 180 megs how about Pam Anderson?
You can find the download here:
Or you can watch it on Google Video here:
I already posted this on my blog but I figure you guys probably don´t understand a word there because it´s just plain german :)