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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Trend: Age Compression: Teen Credit

Debit Cards For Teens

Allow Card says it's goal is to "teach financial independence" and good money management habits to youngsters while eliminating those last-minute, running-out-the-door, I-gotta-have-it-now requests for money. Nice jedi mind trix, dude, but we're all smart enough to realize that this is all rather thinly-veiled credit card training wheels for the young seeds.

To quote Allow on the site: "The Allow Card is a Prepaid MasterCard® designed for Kid's … and the parents who love them"

Love your kids at

AKI COMMENT: Ok, so Allow Card may be a bit sinister...sure, I know the stats on College Credit debt and default. But that dark view comes from looking at it thru my humanity lenses. When I switch to my fashionable Hidden Persuaders rose-tinted lens - you really friggin' gotta love the clever Get A Card Link which easily allows youngster to forward an email to parent to plead his case for him. C'mon, now, give the Hidden Persuaders a clap, that's a smooth tactical move. Give it up. Further, check the faux-personalization copy tips like "Love Ya, Your Son". Awww.

I quote from that great American pimp statesman Don "Magic" Juan, who once said, "Don't hate the player, hate the game."


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is a little bit risky give something like a card to teenager, I mean there's some youngs that are more responsabile than a adult, but as a parent I like to keep a eye in my children.

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Teen credit is a measure for any bank, remember, they aren't subjects of credit.

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This is something we have to take into account because teenagers sometimes are irresponsible but that's not rare because I remember when I was like them when I was teenager, by the way it was long time ago. said...

Debit cards for teens is not a bad idea, if they earned the money in it. Let them get summer jobs and side businesses. Teach them how to be responsible with their own money.