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Monday, February 06, 2006

Research: How stuff is made is a site that wil tell you how stuff is made. in my searches it wasn't terribly helpful. No idea how a time machine, light saber, death star or atomic bomb are made. However, it did have a handy guide for building your own nuclear submarine.


megmeister said...

This makes me think of a new magazine that was written up in Newsweek a couple weeks ago. It's called "Make" and after being in print only a year, it has 70,000+ readers (4x its original goal).

The magazine targets those "hungry for literature that provides a how-to approach to projects that merge a high-tech construcitionist sensibility with a penchant for junkyard scavenging." It's directed at an audience where "don't try this at home" doesn't apply.

It instructs people to revamp old products into new contraptions - "a new life awaits your wheezing videocassette a time release cat-food dispenser."

Newsweek cites a growing trend in do-it-yourself contraptions (Dorkbot referenced). It also mentioned Bill Gurstelle, St. Paul's own engineer and catapultist. He writes instructional guides on how to construct medieval-style catapults. His latest book: "Adventures from the Technology Underground" (Quote: "Pumpkin-hurling devices do not fit well in the municipal zoning code.")

Adrian said...

Make is our own Phil Torrone

alexa-simmons said...

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