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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Flash Survey: Contactless Credit

We need your INPUT below (Beta Test)

Credit card users are finally free of the burden of swiping their cards and signing their name thanks to advances in RFID technology and new products from banks and credit card companies.

Contactless Credit eliminates the need for purchasers to sign and swipe. Instead, the buyer just waves the card or key fob in front of a scanner. Safer than cash, speeds transactions, no handing over your information to cashiers, and in some cases such as key fob devices, no need for cards.

Exxon-Mobil Speedpass introduced us to the contactless credit possibilities, yet newer products have come to market within recent months, from MasterCard's Pay Pass cards, to Chase's Blink cards, to Amex' Express Pay and CitiCard key fobs.

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Lachlan said...
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Lachlan said...

I'd be quite happy to use this system, but it's a bit like having a 200mph car for driving in the city... It's not the 1.365 seconds* that it takes to swipe my debit card that slows me down in starbucks or wholefoods, it's the forty fuckers in the line in front of me! :o)

Besides I worry for people whose only daily exercise or human interaction is handing over their card and signing their name while picking up their morning box of Krispie Kremes...

*Figures averaged. Excludes restaurants and online purchases. May not be accurate or representative. Actual results may vary. ;p