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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Review: My Favourite Magazine that I never read

Review Rating Scale: "Yawn." "Eh." "Hmmn." "Wow."

Lachlan’s rating: WOW (I think…if only I had time to read more of it)

O.K. so for a long time, despite it’s title, I’ve been meaning to read more of Believer Magazine… I never find the time despite marvelous articles such as:

  • The sadly forgotten art of saving face
  • A regular mammal review (Dolphins, Jack Russells, Aye-Ayes, Barbary Apes etc)
  • Schema of Golems
  • The ecology of empires
  • Macho Croatian literature review
  • 3M Micro abrasive tools review
  • Eminem’s place in history
  • and a regular look at what Nick Hornby is reading.

each month is a random sample of random things much like the above.

It’s possibly the coolest and most consistently themed magazine I’ve seen…on the basis of pretty much not having a theme, and not trying to be too-cool-for-school… and I wish I had more time for it. It's kind of like a magazine version of a blog written by odd(interesting) people.

In short, I’d be really grateful if someone with the time and reading skills I lack could read it cover to cover and tell me the best bits by podcast while I sleep :o)

In their own words…

The Believer is a monthly magazine where length is no object. There are book
reviews that are not necessarily timely, and that are very often very long.
There are interviews that are also very long.
We will focus on writers and books we like.
We will give people and books the benefit of the doubt.
The working title of this magazine was The Optimist.

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