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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Trend: Black Market Junk Food

Psst, wanna Snickers? Lemonheads? Whutchu need? Baby, I got it! Junk Food Goes Underground in Calif. Schools.

"Students buy huge variety boxes of candy and chips or go to Burger King or Starbucks in the morning and then sell their supplies."

Jennifer Obakhume is a senior at Inglewood High School in Los Angeles. She reports on the trend of underground junk food networks at some California schools. This is an effect of the increasing trend of many school districts which choose to limit cafeteria soda and junk food options in an effort to curb childhood obesity. Her story was produced by Youth Radio.

listen to her report here:

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El Gaffney said...

I remember the future entrepreneurs of elementary and middle schools used to sell airheads back in the late 80's. Used to buy the candy in bulk and sell individually for a quarter. Luckily the kid who bought the most warheads could also suck on the atomic one to make his money back. What is the deal with sweets ending in "heads" making their way into schools? (read in Seinfeld voice.) Food for the brain. Though BK and the Bucks is taking it to the next level. Guess they can't leave for lunch at that high school.

And when they finally leave their strict parents and schools and go to college, that's when the real eating begins...

Bruin bucks makes me think this is UCLA student-created. Guess that rebellion increases with proximity to Hollywood.

kamagra said...

I blame the parents for not making the lunch of their sons the night before, sometimes they just gave money to the kid, who of course will use it to buy himself a burger or a burrito.