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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Japanese Dragon Helps Fight the Snow, Crime, and Eats Babies

From Gizmodo, this is just cool

Japanese Dragon Helps Fight the Snow, Crime, and Eats Babies: " Shit is getting crucial over in Japan now that they have this ED2000 mofo rolling the streets. Hyper rescue robot 'T-52 Enryu' (rescue dragon) from Tmsuk first appeared in March 2004 but now he's wandering the highways and byways saving stranded motorists from having to each each other like sashimi. It is 11.3 ft high and with a weight of 11,020 lbs. On February 1, 2006, Enryu showed his POWER in snowy environments and in a test rescued a dummy buried under snow in his car. Enryu can lift 1102 lbs. with one hand and double that with both hands, but then where will he hold is coffee? He's is still in development and expected to play an active part in rescues where it is difficult to work for human being rescue teams or where there are worries about secondary disasters. Home Page [Enryu]  Comment on this post Related: Robotic Deer Stops Poachers, RednecksRelated: Need a Robot to Boss You Around?Related: Another Japanese Robot "


Lachlan said...

This is every 9year old boys dream come true.

The only thing missing, if you ask me, is the ability to transform into a truck/spaceshuttle/radio etc. Oh so close to nirvana! When will these be available in those stupid 'sharper image' type stores???

El Gaffney said...

transformers were so 1985. these big mofos scare me. i'd prefer rosie from the jetsons or a different one on wheels with a computerized voice and silly wig that can bring me cold beers from the fridge and tell jokes. i think it's the real legs that worry me, let's keep them on wheels for now. but if these were for sale, in the words of big earl, "i'm going to need 2 dragons."

AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

GET AT THIS DUDE ( FOR YOUR VERY OWN WORKING TRANSFORMER SUIT...probably difficult to keep fresh smelling, but who cares?- you can turn into a freakin' Lamorghini, dude! Note, too, i dunno what you do for the starscream's not like you got jet packs in your feet to go anywhere. i guess you just stand there looking badass as a F-15 Tomcat.

alyson said...

@el gaffney: these robots can't talk, tell jokes, and certainly don't come with a wig (silly or otherwise), but they will bring you cold beer. i'd consider that a win.

(link via adfreak and boing boing)

alyson said...
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alyson said...
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