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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Industry: Blog Economy

Excerpts from a blog post by Roland Picquepaille on ZD Net about

The Economic Weight of the Blogs

"If you're one of the millions of active bloggers today, you probably think that your own publication is one of the most important ones in the world. And from your point of view, you're certainly right. But have blogs changed the global economy? Only marginally, and in a minuscule way." or at



Tim said...

Not really thought through. Because Blogs might be a personal thing indeed. They might only change personal behaviour. But personal behaviour of millions of people. They might change social structures and therefore they might change the economy on a global scale as well. Not today, not tommorrow, but maybe sometime they will.

eferch said...
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eferch said...

Blog revenue may not be easily discernable in terms of short term macro impact (i.e. Kryptonite and Bic), but that doesn't begin to tell the story. Undercurrents of success/failure stories are rarely realized in real time. Hindsight is 20/20 and I think there will be examples in the next few years where today's blogs will be looked back on as tell tale signs, inextricably linked to a company's fortunes.

Active bloggers and their social networks are the new, broader, more reputable WOM. For all we do, nothing is so powerfully persuasive as a reco from a respected friend, and even if only 10 people read most blogs, in the aggregate, that can cummulatively determine what is the next and what is last year.