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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Trend: User-Created: Lego NXT

Lego's new Mindstorm NXT series has taken the step of inviting the nation's biggest corps and colleges to take the BIG ROBOT ON CAMPUS CHALLENGE. They asked top engineers, designers and programmers from Reebok, HP, AOL and Cartoon Network to create their own special spin with the Mindstorms NXT robotics. See some of what the participants created.

AKI COMMENT: Good stuff, and shows that these companies have open minds and a great sense of humour. And cheaper than a corporate campaign to try and tell me the same, and more effective than the typical lame-ass "youth initiative" that any of these companies would attempt on their own. Clever way to get AOL "You've Got MailBot" and Gap Kidbot into my kid's email box and kickstarting his brand preferences.

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