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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Crispin thinking ahead, other Floridians should do the same

We are now within 1 degree celcius of the highest temperature the planet has been in for the past 1 million years. If the temperature rises another 2-3 degrees celcius, the planet will be as warm as it was in the middle pliocene period.

Here's a map of Pliocene Earth:

The biggest difference is that North and South America are no longer connected (which will make some people happy) and North America is a shadow of its former self. It also looks like the Norwegians, Swedes and Finns might have lost their homes. However, Minnesota is safe and looks to be thriving. Here's what we look like today.

1 comment:

Lachlan said...

The 'melted' globe image would make a cool credit card image - so we can think nice environmental thoughts while paying for gas at the pump... Aki?? Murray??