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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Minneapolis: Lit 6 Project

Ever since I moved to Minneapolis two years ago, I've been tracking these guys - the Lit 6 Project. They are a group of housemates that live together for the sake of "literary smackdowns in the livingroom." They've been covered by City Pages this week in the Fall Arts section:

The four-person show follows the tales of a group of dysfunctional writer roommates whose obsessions run the gamut from porn and Pete Sampras to the earth's demise. Obsession is everything here. One of the many amenities that comes with owning a nonexistent two-story house in a fictional part of south Minneapolis is a special treehouse that hosts a clarinet playing, wise-talking Alan Greenspan ("G-Span"). The show, featuring musical performances and a narrator, is like a hipster's Prairie Home Companion, but with a lake called "Woeisme" instead of "Woebegone."

They are on season III of their Electric Arc Radio Show - podcasts are available on their site and shows are $10. Worth it - check 'em out.

Lit 6 Project & City Pages

1 comment:

Ashley said...

I tend to enjoy small, underground bands that not many people have heard of. They always seem to be more creative and meaningful when it comes to their songs. Good find. :)