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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mad Science: Music for Lovers

According to a recent survey performed by Adrian North for the University of Leicester, people in Britian who listen to Hip-Hop are more likely to have had more sexual partners in the last five years, than people who listen to country music.

North, who is a psychologist, polled 2,500 Britons to determine how music related to their lifestyles. The telling survey was conducted in an effort to make a correlation between the behaviors of people based on the music they listened to.

The results revealed that 38% of Hip-Hop listeners and 29% of dance music fans surveyed had engaged in sexual activity with more than one person in the last five years.

In comparison, only 1.5% of country music fans admitted to participating in the same type of behavior.
"Surprisingly there have been very few studies on how people's age, sex, socioeconomic status and personality relate to the music they enjoy listening to," North told Reuters.

Additionally, North’s survey revealed that more than 50% of Hip Hop and Dance music fans admitted to breaking the law and committing some type of criminal act.

The survey also discovered that at least a quarter of classical music fans have used cannabis and that 12% of those surveyed who enjoy opera had experimented with "magic mushrooms."

In an effort to expand his analysis, North plans to recruit an additional 10,000 subjects to poll in the near future.

AKI COMMENT: So...proof that hip-hoppers are not just rapping incessantly about "it", they are actually doin' "it", too. Anecdotally, has anyone noticed that hip-hop has become the ubiquitious soundtrack for strippers? Rock is losing ground on sexy.


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