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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Trend: Conscious Consumption: Good

Aiming to promote social, political and environmental change by educating young people on world news and issues and empowering them to take action, GOOD is touted as a "cultural magazine for people who give a damn”.

Highlights from the inaugural issue I HEART AMERICA, include a piece by James Surowiecki on America's place in the world, a guide to midterm elections, commentary by Jeff Sachs, Karrie Jacobs and Kurt Vonnegut, and an intriguing look at The Boarder Film Project.

Content aside, one of the publication’s best attributes is its Choose Good program, which allows subscribers to select an organization from the company’s non-profit partnership database to which they'd like their $20 subscription fee to be donated. Teach for America, UNICEF, Witness and Creative Commons are just three of the 12 partners.

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