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Monday, September 04, 2006

Trend: Politics 2.0: Youth Engagement (UK Edition)

Participation Works is an online gateway to the world of children & young people's participation.

The gateway provides a single access point to comprehensive information on policy, practice, networks, training and innovative ideas from across the UK.

The Being Heard website has been designed by the UK Hansard Society with the aim of inviting young people to engage with political issues and political decision-makers.

The aim of Being Heard is to build young people’s level of political awareness and participation so that they can play an active role in the democratic processes affecting their lives.

Being Heard is also a consultation space for decision-makers to engage with young people and their ideas, experiences and opinions.

MPs on the Home Affairs Select Committee are taking advantage of a new Hansard Society initiative exploring how mobile phones can be used to connect young people and politicians. They want young people to use their mobiles to give the committee their views on the criminal justice system.

Citizen Calling pilots the use of mobiles as a tool of communication to get members of the public more involved in the work of Parliament. Messages (photo, text or video) are sent to the project’s phone number (07786201247) and hosted on

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