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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Poll: We Know Drama!

Amidst the hype for the new "hot" fall TV season, it occurs to me that we advertisers are yet again sorely ignored and underrepresented.

I joke with my wife all the time that everybody and their dog gets a damn show - cops, lawyers, docs, office salesmen, footballer's wives, even garbagemen get represented. But never is the lowly advertiser represented by sexy actors like Patrick Dempsey and Eva Longoria. The best we've gotten in these long years of financing the TV networks is Darrin Stevens (a bumbling hack who technically didn't even create most of his winning ideas, they were accidental results of Samantha's magic gone awry).

Well enough of this! It's time we bring sexy back and join as a movement to get advertisers better represented on TV! Advertisers: We know drama! Make your vote heard below:

Should TV networks feature more shows about advertising?
Select up to 2 of the following:
Hell yeah! We know drama better than cops, docs, lawyers and footballer's wives.
Hell no. Nothing tops the image bar set by Darrin Stevens, get over it.
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Jason said...

The best we've had was "Bewitched"? Gentlemen, have you forgotten about "Melrose Place"? D&D Advertising? Heather Locklear?

I weep for the future.

El Gaffney said...

D&D was hot, until she left and started Amanda Woodward Advertising. I'm still waiting for "Mad Men" to come out on AMC -- Adrian posted about it in late May (unable to link).

Once again, in the meantime I point you to one of the great ad agency-portraying movies of all-time: How to Lose a Guy Gould-Davies in 10 Days. Frost Yourself.