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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Citizen Journalism: "i Report for CNN"

I'm still laughing from a segment on The DailyShow last night. Unfortunately I can't seem to find it posted anywhere illegally, so you'll have to navigate Comedy Central's site to see it.

Basically, CNN has launched iReport, a place where regular peeps can send "news" in the form of video, pics, or audio to them. And if your story airs? You get to tell your friends, "I report for CNN!" I'll let Jon Stewart tell you the rest...

Here's the path:
Start here on DailyShow's homepage.
Click on Videos: Daily Show: Headline Pt. 1. (this is a segment on the Magazine industry. funny, but not why you're here.)
On the lower right, Click on "Daily Show: Headline Pt. 2." (this is what you're here to watch.)

Photo taken by Jeff Melacon, who can now say he reports for CNN. In truth, I'm not hating on the idea—getting a more human perspective (without having to go find it) is great. Nor do I think people won't want their stories aired on CNN, just that they may be flooded with inappropriate clips. I just find the way they describe the payoff amusing...and more amusing with Jon's help.


AV said...

"I've got my balls on Wolf Blizters head!! iReport for CNN!"

Lee McEwan said...

Sounds like a canny initiative. A perfect egoboo for generating user generated content.

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