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Friday, October 06, 2006

User-Created: Hip-Hop's "Unwelcome Attention" Continues

Last I left this story Jay-Z, president of Def Jam Records, said f*@k Cristal, and joined the UN to promote water for the world's needy. Beyonce said f*@k sippin' the "Crissy" champagne backstage, Rihana, Lil' Kim...

Now Nas and Diddy got beef with Cristal.

Nas says he is in full support of a continued, formal boycott of Cristal--but only if Hip-Hop steps up to replace the champagne, which typically sells for $50-$600 per bottle. "I support a boycott if we could come up--like if we put up something, our own champagne. There's tons of vineyards we could get into and buy," Nas told in response to controversial comments made by Cristal's managing director against rappers who drink the beverage.

Both Nas and Sean "Diddy" Combs are gearing up for fourth quarter album releases.

In 1999, when Diddy lent his vocals to Nas' hit song "Hate Me Now," the pair brandished bottles of the pricey champagne in the Hype Williams-directed music video. Diddy told, "Cristal definitely caught us out there. It was a learning lesson. At the end of the day, f**k Cristal. They don't respect us."


To get back to the origin of hip-hop's Cristal war see here, here, here, and here.

And to reminicsce over those lost innocent days when hip hop was proud to "get pissy with da Crissy"

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