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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Wal-Mart: Now Taking on the Role of Government

"The Red Cross has just announced a new disaster-response partnership with Wal-Mart. When the next hurricane hits, it will be a co-production of Big Aid and Big Box.

This, apparently, is the lesson learned from the government’s calamitous response to Hurricane Katrina: Businesses do disaster better.

“It’s all going to be private enterprise before it’s over,” Billy Wagner, emergency management chief for the Florida Keys, currently under hurricane watch for Tropical Storm Ernesto, said in April. “They’ve got the expertise. They’ve got the resources.”"

via Naomi Klien and NoLogo

AV:, what a dumb ass am I, I figured part of the government's responsibility is to take care of the citizens they govern.

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AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

maybe we should allow other government services to be privatised - like the army and national guard. divert the funds, or refund the citizenry. big oil could then fund their own armies and get their biz done by willing and able mercenaries who will fight for big oil's causes (supposing the incentives were worth it). thus evolves a leaner and downsized army with less equipment and resources, sure...but it also increases state and corporate reliance upon alternative product innovations, foresight, and even savvy negotiation and dealmaking standards and less reliance on battle and invasion solutions. and if industry really feels compelled to invade - foot their own bills and have at it. meanwhile smart competitors could be wooing the market with alternative product innovations that reap profit gains.