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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Truth Awareness: Operational Transparency

The On-Demand Age of increased control and unlimited choice has evolved a new “Truth Aware” Consumer who is endowed with x-ray vision of once previously hidden facts, program codes, and backstage workings of politics and business.

This growing sophistication, plus boundless choice and control, now compels a consumer quest for higher meaning and value in their lives and brands. It has forced brands to become Operationally Transparent, from Price+Means of Production Transparencies, to Ethical Tranparencies that hold brands accountable to a bottom line beyond profits.


For brands on the web, Operational Transparency, becomes almost the very core of the matter. Because of the ease of information gathering, and the disconnected nature of digital technology, people increasingly need to see behind the curtain to dissect our motives, intents, and processes.

Once, we all thought we knew what was news information, and what was entertainment fiction. Those lines are difficult to parse now.

All new Guidlines for Operational Transparency are required to successfully communicate on the web without backlash.

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