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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Industry: Analyzing CNN "Actual News" Content

Reprint from Daily Kos which critiques the level of "actual news" featured on websites after you take out ads.

Let's take a look at their home page (from yesterday's "above the fold" CNN home page):

Okay, now let's find all of the advertising, including cross-selling and up-selling to other CNN shows and services. Here's what we get:

CNN Advertising

And now lets find all of the dog-bites-man sensationalism, gossip, trivia, and other non-news.

CNN Sensationalism

And now the actual news... wait for it...

CNN Actual News

That is the SUM TOTAL of actual news presented on the above-the-fold CNN home page.

This is what their home page would look like if it was presented with just news:

CNN CIRCA 2000...

1 comment:

Lachlan said...

A pretty sad state of affairs... it seems like CNN offers little real news and Fox News actualy offers misleading 'news' particularly about Iraq according to pollsters (

And worse still, 'M'TV long stopped being a place to hear Music...for shame!

The US clearly needs a version of the UK's "Trades Description Act" to stop all this misrepresentation in the names of TV channels! ;o)