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Friday, October 13, 2006

Wikipedia founder starts new project.

Called Citizendium this is designed to be a progressive fork (i.e. a mirror) of Wikipedia's content that will evolve through "public participation with gentle expert guidance."

This is aimed at correcting some of the flaws that have been unearthed in 5+ years of seeing Wikipedia in operation (see above).

I'll be interested in watching how and if this develops - it's a much less idealistic vision of shared knowledge. The experts or "editors" will exert greater influence over the project. And they won't be elected by committee - instead they will apply.

"Think of editors as the village elders wandering the bazaar and occasionally dispensing advice and reining in the wayward. Their presence is merely a moderating, civilizing influence. They don't stop the bazaar from being a bazaar."

via Slashdot

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