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Friday, October 27, 2006

Second Life Traffic Soars

MarketingVox reports on new Hitwise research that shows traffic to the virtual world site skyrocketing in the past few weeks amidst growing media attention and significant interest from the corporate world. Interesting to note, over the past month or so, the percentage of visitors to the site in the 55+ age range has jumped, from around 6% to 15%, while the 18-24 crowd seemed to fade, dropping about 7%, from 33% of visitors to 26%.

From the article:

The share of U.S. Internet searches for "second life" last week (ended Oct. 21) shot up 73 percent from the previous week, and visits to Second Life more than doubled from the two weeks ended Oct. 7 to the two weeks ended Oct. 21, according to a Hitwise blog post. Year over year, visits to were up 219 percent (week ended Oct. 21, 2006 compared with week ended Oct. 22, 2005).

For the four week period ended Sept. 23, about 32.7 percent of visitors to were between the ages of 18 and 24, and only 5.6 percent were over 55. Nearly a month later, for the four weeks ended Oct. 21, those over 55 constituted 15.1 percent of Second Life visitors, whereas visitors in the 18-24 group decreased seven percentage points, to 25.7 percent.

"It will be interesting to see how many of these older visitors become players in Second Life - right now the appeal of Second Life skews to those under 45. An older, and potentially more moneyed, player set in Second Life could attract a different caliber of advertisers to the game," writes LeeAnn Prescott, Hitwise research director, in her blog.

via MarketingVox


Torley said...

Whoa. Thanx for writing about this!

Fascinating to see demographics shifting. I for one welcome our new senior citizens -- Senior Resis? :)

(I've yet to see a retirement home of the sort, but I hope we get the equivalent of YouTube's geriatric1927 in Second Life, I love time-honored stories!)

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