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Friday, October 13, 2006

Hactivism: 20/20 Reports on "Consumer Revenge"

ABC 20/20 informs us (late, but hey, at least they're tryin') many consumers are realizing that the internet acts as a powerful tool to talk back to companies. Savvy companies are listening, because they know just how damaging the internet can be to brand recognition.

View the video here

AKI COMMENT: Watching these kinds of reports is like listening to your Dad validate the new "hip hop thing" to you, or Mom explaining the "hot new blogging thing". But these mainstream reports do serve as good primers (and "official" validations of the times) for the newbies nonetheless.

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AV said...

I've found the consumerist blog to be particularly incendiary towards the big corps. A few weeks back there was a series of posts in which they ripped into Mike Krempansky (PR guy for the Mart) after a conversation they had regarding consumers hatin on WM in their blogs. Other beefs included treatment of employees and wage rules among others...