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Friday, December 01, 2006

Stumped on what to think about this one

I don't usually like to comment on other people's ads but I can't let this one go. Microsoft likes to put a lot of information into their ads but this one has taken it to a new level and it's obviously been written by marketing people.

"A significant new business opportunity...Deliver the enhanced mobility solutions your customers demand."


After all of it I'm still left wondering what Vista's all about and I know something about it. Surely a product as big as this demands a bigger and better idea. I hope there's something else coming.

via Gizmodo


dL said...


it's the perfect blend of artistic cheese and ms patented copy to garner excitement among 50 year old operation managers who can't wait to see their Yellow Roadway invoices paid in real-time?

Lee McEwan said...

Look like it's intended as a walk-on film for a trade launch rather than an ad for use as B2B TV.

Says almost nothing about the operating system that would be news to the target audience.

However, I suppose I can empathise at one level with why they made a film that is so wishy washy - as a mass market operating system Vista is intended to be a general purpose tool for every business software eventuality - a Swiss Army Knife of sorts. Any appeal to the needs of one type of business user would surely alienate most others. So they didn't try.

The only other explanation I can think of is that their marketing department has no idea what Vista is.

paul said...

You are probably right. They have no idea what it is about. High tech marketing is the ghetto of mass communication.

Anonymous said...

strangely enough windows vista has done a superb self ironic endorsement of comedy central's demetri on his website. so that does make you wonder where this is coming from.