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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Real or Fake?: Cafe Switch

Adrants points to a fake collateral site for Sara Lee's Cafe Switch, an instant coffee product sold in the UK. The fake site touts the benefits of Thumb-vertising, the latest in "innovative marketing," and has a laugh at how ludicrous the scramble for new media can be.

This is all well and good, but what I loved was the Cafe Switch site itself (make sure your sound is on for full effect). Everything about this product is over the top, from the packaging to the product names (True Kick, White Innocence, and Creamy Pleasure) to its preparation (simply "pump the pods"). At first I questioned whether the product itself actually exists - it seems like something a Hollywood writer would create for his ad exec character to pitch. But how to explain the legal disclaimer and corporate contact info?

So I'm putting it to you. Check out the site and cast your vote:

Is the Cafe Switch site Real or Fake?
Too Legit to Quit (real)
James Frey could take notes (fake)
Make Free Online Polls

And if you have additional information, please pass it along.

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