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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Postcards from Second Life: aloft Hotel

Aki Octagon could use a rest so we took a visit to W Hotel's aloft.

Prior to opening to the public (in First Life) in 2008, aloft hotels now offers a sneak preview inside of Second Life.

Tranquil gardens.

And no Seth, I cannot figure out how to keep my brown pants from riding up my arse in 2L. So much for the brave new future...

And just as in First Life, way-finding systems here have alot to be desired. Waiting for the elevator.

Still waiting...

Overall a good idea and purposeful use for a First Life(1L) brand to insert into Second Life(2L). Besides my wayfinding snafus at the elevator, I enjoyed exploring the hotel and seeing the future. I'd envision coming back to aloft (in both 1L and 2L), particularly to hold a party with my virtual friends.

Maybe we can hold our Annual Planning Event here, Deborah!

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