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Friday, December 15, 2006

Inbox of Immaturity: The Holidays: Part Three

Yes, one great thing about the holidays is the “Christmas sweater” party. Find great holiday sweaters here.

Speaking of parties, ours is tonight. Check out our band flown in from Germany.

It’s also pretty fun to eat cookies, but Alyson warns not to get carried away.

Speaking of cookies, Soy is making our kids gay.
Radio show helps you catch a snake. (Long but worth it.)
And finally, PS3 can’t catch a break, but will (with Wal-Mart's brillance) help you dislocate your jaw.


Jeremy Abbett said...

Your band must be going through Frankfurt to reach Minneapolis if they are coming from Germany which doesn't make too much sense as they are speaking Dutch (and as such are most likely from the Netherlands) and could fly directly from Amsterdam to Minneapolis with NWA/KLM. Danke ;)

El Gaffney said...

Oops. Add to ignorance to immaturity on this one. Thanks.