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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Oh google no! You're supposed to be perfect, how could you suck so?

As a Scot with lots of "ch" sounds in my name living in Minneapolis, I am relatively used to being mistaken for a German (...or Russian... or miscellaneous Arab/Scandinavian/Slav etc).

But imagine my surprise when I start firefox from a Starbucks in Edinburgh, Scotland and insists on redirecting me to the (German) home page.

I don't expect google earth to have decent imagery of the outer reaches of Europe (it is crap by the way), but I do expect them to get the language right on their search page.


russell said...

I think that happens in any Starbucks in the UK. I suspect it's because of t-mobile being the access provider.

sadolan said...

As they say, << Der, der nicht deutsch ist, ist Krap.>>