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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Trend: User-Created: YouTube Updates

Could YouTube be the MTV of our kids' generation?

"More and more viewers want to cook as well as dine, which makes the TV story of the year the story of a website: YouTube," the Associated Press reports. The AP adds that – though YouTube is less than a year old – it plays more than 100 million videos a day, and 65,000 new ones get uploaded to it each day (I've also read that its costs are $1 million/month to provide this service).

Some of this "channel's" fare (c'mon, like you don't know) is funny, some sleazy, some completely inane, some just mundane, some favorite broadcast TV clips recycled by fans, but this range of possibilities and no-rules environment is part of the appeal. And there is no denying YouTube's popularity.

To compete with Yahoo Music, YouTube is "talking with record labels to post thousands of music videos online,"Reuters reports . Newsday in New York recently ran an in-depth report on the YouTube phenomenon.

via NetFamilyNews

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