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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Meaning and filling in the blanks

In the one word equity vs complexity debate(s) it's easy for people to dump on the complexity/molecule/bucket theories as being hopelessly ambitious for brands that don't command full attention or have little money.

But I'm increasingly of opinion that we should accept that all brands command only fleeting and broken attention and comprehension. And that this should be liberating not constricting.

Normally I'd use Lost or maybe even CSI or 24 as an example of this, but of course they're long form full blown storylines. So instead I offer into evidence The Fast Show character Rowley Birkin, who is much shorter (and funnier).

Fascinating, captivating, interesting, not a bloody clue what he's talking about.

There's enourmous value in the bits of life you don't quite get. There's attention and fascination in the story not quite fully told.

And besides, these clips are classic (even with the annoying BBC laugh track).

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