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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Measurement: Blog ROI

Time, once again to take measure of our blog growth.

StatCounter lists July as our highest visited month. Who knew? Cuz, honestly, with everyone's workloads, the past few months rank as our least productive for blog contributions and debate (spring was the productive streak for us). This trend counters our previous operating mantra which insisted "more posts equal more eyeballs". Either way, expect more posting as some new contributors join our mix.

About 200 unique visitors daily and some 50 returning visitors daily. lists 59 people who have us on their favorite url saves. Feedburner lists an average of 80+ RSS subscribers daily, with some 20 email subscribers and hundreds of others who simply seem to have us bookmarked or homepaged (Fallon?) on other browser links. RSS subscribership has boosted over the past 2 months from an average of 25 daily subscribers to the current 80-ish. Either more of us advertisers are catching on to RSS, or my moving the links to more visable real estate worked...

Where are our readers from? Mapstats and StatCounter suggest not necessarily Minneapolis Fallonistas. They come from all over the globe, with South America, Europe (Germany and Britain), India and Dubai typically represented more than I would have expected. Dubai?

It's prob a no-brainer that other big agencies are keeping tabs. Anecdotally, I can say the emails and comments I get suggest high readership from "Planners in Training", either in schools or first starters and looking for information (and jobs).

Our Fantasy Stock Market BlogShares are climbing back after a deep tumble. Our fantasy blogshare holders should breathe easier this quarter!

What are some of our most "favorited" posts? and Technorati suggest Instructive posts like the Books Review for "Stupid Questions in Planning" post a few weeks back and "Giants in Advertising". I can testify anecdotally that "User-Created" Series and "Bankrupt!", "WalMart Watch" and "Ad Agency Deathwatch" series seems to rank up in the links. Seth's "Inbox of Immaturity" seems to always draw the crowd. My anecdotal guess is that people want more analysis/POV from us, not mere newsbite posts that they prob get at dozens of other sites.

Curious what readers think, really. What do you like? What is boring? What keeps you checking it out? Any comments are always welcome, afterall, we made this blog public for a reason (no, not to show off, but to exchange, interact, and keep tabs on the public pulse).

So if you read us or like us or hate us - SAY SOMETHING.


Alessandro Lima said...


Well, first of all I beg your pardon if my english is not understandable as I think it is.

I'm your reader from São Paulo, Brasil. I also read many other advertising blogs here and abroad. Actually, many planners are now making their blogs in here, I guess they saw (as you) how important it is to share ideas. There's a blog here about advertinsing only that monthly has 350,000 pageviews... I guess people from all over Brazilian Ad Agencies, or at leat merketing position holders do read that.

And... if you just click my name you'll see may brand new blog about advertising.

You asked. I said something.

Alessandro Lima said...

*or at least marketing position...

**you'll see my brand new blog...

>> I forgot to say that but I'm just still an Advertising Student.

Anonymous said...

Hello AKI,

I'm a planner too and well i like what you guys post - stuff ( some may call them trends) from diff aspects of life. It's interesting with a nice POV. I guess curiousity leads me here :)


Peter Kim said...

You know, web stats often help blogs sound less like one hand clapping. Comments and trackbacks more so. Nice job, keep it up.