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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fighting the way they know how

Net neutrality is an interesting point of unity between bands of independent internet lovers and the behemoths that they admire/hate.

From, "As telecom legislation wades through the Senate, a small but vocal and well-financed band of Internet giants -- led by Google and Microsoft -- has been pushing for sweeping new Internet regulations that they call ``network neutrality.'' They say that without such regulations, broadband providers will start blocking Internet-based content and that the Internet, as we know it, will end."

And from a "net neutrality" search on our very own Blogger, "hey, I'm an end-user of the internet, and I don't want to pay more than anyone else for enjoying all the things I have always enjoyed; and I definitely don't want my options limited on the content-provider side.... I don't think the average internet user stands to save much, and what they do save is at the cost of their informational freedom."

But all of that is really just a way for me to post about a funny video with a jewel-clad singing 40-something. She sings about net neutrality and encourages visitors to write their senators. Brought to you by local interactive firm (looks like they have a stake, too), space150.

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