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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

FallonLabs: Meshly

Our own Jason Striegel and David Annis are at it again, this time with a clever Web 2.0 utility for micro-blogging that they've named Meshly.

Meshly takes after Twitter, in that you can send your posts to the site via instant messaging. It’s easy to do as they give you step by step directions through your IM client. Meshly is about uploading links. You choose which category to put it into, and if you don’t think it fits, you can create your own.

The idea is that communities will grow around people with similar interests through their link categories. You can also vote and comment on links, working like Digg. The posts with the most votes make it to the cover page for each content channel.

In their own words Meshly is “the easiest, fastest way to post links to your personal space as well as stay in contact with like-minded community members.”

Check out (and contribute!) to Fallon Planning Blog's Meshly channel, or even my own.

I have found this innovation of instant blogging via my Instant Message portal to be the time saver tool of the year! Quick thoughts simply need a clear and easy posting interface like Meshly - no fuss, no processes. And let's be honest, most blog posts are not really as substantive as we imagine. In fact, most posts are simply quick links and bookmark referrers to clever sites and funny videos. Utilities like Meshly can direct these quickie "side lines" and notes to the blog margins of your widget thus freeing up the center real estate to focus on the big thinking content that matters. Meshly is like a CNN news ticker for your blog. Or a notepad for your blog.


Heinsite said...

Thanks a ton for the support Aki, we really appreciate it! We are going to continue to make improvements to the site, so keep an eye out.

Thanks again!

salina said...

this is such a great idea. I can see meshly becoming my information pda...but better because now I can peek into others' channels.

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