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Friday, April 13, 2007

Inbox of Immaturity

It's baseball season, so a lot of time has been devoted to smack-talking and hating on the Yankees and Red Sox, but my inbox has still managed to get a gem or two over these past couple of weeks. Here's the Top Ten:

1. First, Billy shows off his ping pong ball bouncing/throwing skills. Yes, "This time it's personal."
2. Malibu's second most wanted...Malibu
3. I'm probably late to this French-born Algerian dunking machine
4. If Jacko wants a robot, give him a damn robot already
5. The website for Milwaukee's Best Light
6."Interesting" use of OOH that may benefit my client Beneful
8. Moving to Brazil - watch if only for the woman in silver at 1:15
9. In case you that makes you want to get a head-start on summer, peep Wholesome Wear with "swimwear that highlights the face rather than the body."
10. Finally, Sad Kermit takes us out

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