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Friday, April 20, 2007

Inbox of Immaturity

If it wasn't for the news of Alec Baldwin's crazy call to his daughter this morning, the top five would be:

USC Will Be The Most Popular Basketball Team Among Nickelodeon Viewers
Bernie Williams on stage and guitar with the Allman Bros
Will Ferrell Movie Generator (They also have an informative map detailing the rules and name of the popular drinking game...Beirut vs. Beer Pong.)
Sanjaya Yourself (Or create other silly head in various background "zings.")
Short Circuitz premieres a new Ludacris video (Also had a solid GWB response to Kanye's Katrina remarks.)

And of course, a big shout out and thanks to Imus for starting the conversation on immaturity...amongst other things according to Nike.

1 comment:

Oakie said...

El, thanks. They are very funny.