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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hip-Hop's "Unwelcome Attention" Returns: Jay-Z Endorses Ace of Spade Champagne

Ugh. I won't even begin to try and recap the history on this Jay-Z vs Cristal feud.

But months after boycotting Louis Roederer Cristal, Jay-Z has found a new bubbly to enjoy. According to reports, the rap mogul is close to signing a deal to endorse Ace of Spade, an Armand De Brignac champagne featured in the rapper's video for the song "Show Me What You Got." Jay-Z also mentions Ace of Spade in the hit single and in the video, the rapper is seen opening a brief case during a card game. The brief case contains a bottle of Armand de Brignac, known for its solid gold-plated bottle and Ace of Spades shaped label.

Although the deal isn't official, Armand de Brignac president/CEO Brett Berish welcomed the attention his brand has received from Jay-Z. "Jay-Z has always demonstrated the highest standards and finest taste, and we're honored to see Armand make an appearance in 'Show Me What You Got,'" Berish said.

A Google search nets a lot of press release matter about how Armand de Brignac has been produced for "centuries" and is only now being imported stateside after enjoying success in France. But wait...Armand, who?

Further Google search reveals a story on Gawker, who calls bulls**t.

According to Gawker and HipHopGame, Armand de Brignac is a new stealth brand created by Cattier Champagne, to all appearances exclusively for its cameo in the Jay-Z video (and likely subsequent appearances and distribution in his clubs, etc.). Perhaps the best part: The Cattier bottle and vintage ("Antique Gold") that likely matches the relabeled "Armand de Brignac" sells for around $60 tops. "Armand de Brignac" reputedly goes for $300.

Nice hustle if you can pull it.

1 comment:

petar said...

not for nothing, but it might just backfire....because...jay ain't jay no more...He is not the guy that he was( Reasonable doubt, blueprint, streets is watching). he the guy who said he never been on myspace. so from a branding point of view, he is not was he was when the roc was in the building. He and Dame Dash and Bigs, stood for the freshest stuff, the coolest kicks and the hottest chicks. period. whether white black young or old, they were cutting egde. now he does advertising for beer (??) and other main stream products. if he is used to target soccer moms and harley davidson dads from the suburbs it could work, mayby (because snoop has a grip on the position of lovable thug, and it is indeed a thight grip). but the kids, won't buy it as much as they would have a minute ago.

his tactics of namedropping are also a bit late 90's. Jay (and hip hop in general) is like a newspaper, great to reach the masses, but it's no coversation, it is a dictation. one way talk. and that's not real talk.

Nine inch nails do it totally different (check faris yakob for a post about their campaing) and although they may not do the numbers of jay, nobody can knock their hustle, or them for being fake.

all in all i wonder if hiphop is to safe to be (ad)effective??

let me know what u think