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Monday, April 09, 2007

Politics 2.0: UK Labour Party Gets YouTube Channel

Mashable reports

British PM Tony Blair launched a YouTube channel, which he says will allow the Labour Party to talk directly to the public, rather than being filtered by the media.

Blair’s intro clip has been viewed almost 10,000 times in the 3 days it's been live and received more than 116 comments such as "I wont vote till Tony Blair Does a Numa Numa video", and "He looks uncomfortable, shifty, untrustworthy." and "Someone straighten the man's tie, for God's sake", "Does he really think "talking to the kids" like this comes across as anything other than a Dad trying to be cool at a teenagers party.", and "Could you stop taxing us to death please? Yours gratefully, Everyone.", and "marry me tony".

Who needs opinion polls when citizens can make their gripes and praises directly to the man (supposing he actually reads his comments and checks his view counts every morning?).

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