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Friday, February 23, 2007

How To...Track Your Socially Contagious Virals

In recent weeks I've been trying to gather tools to TRACK AND MEASURE some of our viral videos online.

Sure Blogpulse, Technorati, and Alexa are decent enough for tracking visits to a microsite, or pulsing blog chatter but in this day and age, most of our actual video play ain't happening at the official microsites but dispersed across dozens of video hosting networks like YouTube and Veoh. And new ones crop up daily, it seems.

I have mostly done my tracking old-school by just going to EVERY SINGLE LINK ACROSS MANY VIDEO HOSTING NETWORKS (iFilm, MySpace, Veoh, Youtube, Break, etc) WHICH HOSTS OUR VIDEO AND STRAIGHT COUNTING THE NUMBERS AND ADDING THEM. Time consuming to say the least.

Just found this app, VidMeter Tracker, which allows you to enter all your video links (across 23 of the major network platforms) and it compiles the data daily and ongoing and churns out a fairly decent chart for you, too. To track a video, you simply need to enter its name and then enter a list of all the URLs where the video is hosted on the various video sites. I can testify that the numbers are accurate-ish cuz I have been doing the long-form math and theirs are coming up pretty damn close. Oh, and it's free.

These links below don't help you when you want to track something specific (like your own video plays)...but they are Hot Charts that keep tabs with the pulse of the office timewaster segment (supposing Seth's Inbox of Immaturity is too topline for your needs)
Viral Chart
Viral Video Chart
WebJunk TV

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