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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Brand Cult: Disney 'Princess' Wedding Dresses

Boing Boing and The Disney Blog reports:

Disney is launching a line of $1,100 - $2,900 "Princess" wedding dresses. Talk about life-cycle marketing -- from tiny costume dresses for the toddler, all the way up to the wedding gown. I smell money.

*But waitaminnit, what about the fellas?!? Maybe some dudes dream of getting married in an Aladdin suit (or rather, maybe their brides dream about having the dude get married in an Aladdin suit).

Parks and Resorts Chairman Jay Rasulo said he expected the dresses to be a hit among brides to be, especially given the increasing popularity of weddings at Walt Disney World, the site of about 2,000 nuptials each year.

"If you do 2,000 weddings a year, think of all the people who say, 'I can't, I have to get married in my hometown, my own church,' but they certainly may still have that princess dream as part of it," Rasulo said.

While I personally find this proposition a bit creepy, I marvel at Disney's constant ability to deepen their experience and milk dough outta the franchise characters. Brilliant.

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1 comment:

El Gaffney said...

Or guys can get the Prince Charming, nka (now known as) the David Beckham look. Ladies probably wouldn't complain about that. I could see the Cinderella Carriage being a big hit (and looks like there are already companies offering it as wedding transport in Cali). Licensing out the "Disney" wedding to high-end planners would be tight. Mickey ears, stuffed animals... but as you alluded to, even better to have franchise-specific themes: Ariel's wedding for beach/water view weddings; Jasmine wedding; etc.