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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Inbox of Immaturity: The Response

Just about one month ago, the IOI featured this instant classic in local advertising. Seems I wasn't the only one feeling it. Feast your eyes on "The Response". Reminds me Sporty Thievz's rebuttal to TLC's No Scrubs (No Pigeons)—and once again, the original proves unanswerable.

Speaking of music, this must be the week of sounds for sorry ears:
1. Tara Reid karaoke
2. Nirvana cover band
3. Condoleeza cover rapper
4. MiaaRose is Sayin' It Right, but I can't take her seriously with those shades.
5. Even Britney's shave music video


Charles Frith said...

It's like watching Rome burn while consumerism fiddles.

AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

Don't sleep on Montgomery Flea Market...dude has offered up his content to the public for remixing and sharing with a Greenscreen accapella.

Like Steven Colbert and other big name marketers like Burger King, he's harnessing the input and passions of users to spread his message far and wide. Extending the experience long past the traditional media buy.

Greenscreen Open Source here

Reggaeton Mix

American Idol MashUp

Acid Mix

Jungle Mix

Frat Boy Freestyle

Lonely Grrls Freestyle

Lonely Boy Freestyle

Disco Edit

Spooky Mix

Here's an interview with him from DL on AOL

some noteworthy excerpts:
"and they're dancing to it in the clubs"

"well, sales haven't really increased"..but lots of out of town visitors are coming in...whoo hoo!