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Friday, February 02, 2007

Inbox of Immaturity

You know how wrong it feels to move Aki's great post down on the page for this nonsense? So wrong...but oh, so right! It's Friday. Get your cash-ius clay out and drop that card like it's hot on some overpriced lychee martinis or default to Amstel Light bottles (if you ask me, still one of the few gender-neutral beers even with the tag "The beer drinker's light beer."

Anyway, this week's IOI would not exist with AKI SYSTEMS 2600, so you can and should thank him for this classic installment (though he may not thank me for the shout-out).

Starting with a Thriller Wedding and then Thrillist Story via PSFK
If you want to adopt a child, here's how not to go about it. But if you're still playing the field, there's hope for you to be yet another guy that's OVERCHICKED
And finishing with a tight International rapper, with which this Translator will not help.

Enjoy the Super Bowl. Look out for our Garmin spot...

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