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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tag, you're it

Speaking of being agile, I recently read an interesting article in the L.A. Times (via YPulse), which debates the importance of playing tag at school.

Some schools have started to discourage (and even ban) the game because it leads to fights, bruises, and scrapes. However, others argue that it allows children to socialize and helps them learn how to solve problems on their own. It is a one of the few games in which adults have no part/permission to play. Plus, it keeps the guys that make Scoobie Doo adhesive strips in business.

"Tag is a uniquely elemental game that develops naturally," says psychologist Fred Frankel, director of the UCLA Parent Training and Children's Friendship Programs. That's a good thing for kids at school and adults in the "real world." Tag can teach us agency peeps lessons about responsibility, responsiveness and collaboration as we adapt to better serve clients with smart solutions that evolve...and keep it fun! And kids can teach us that knowing the rules allows us to change them— think: freeze tag, laser tag, TV tag, etc.

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paul said...

Resisting urge to make a geeky tag cloud joke...sigh. Too late.